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Who we

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and we love to scare people too

We're an all volunteer group of Halloween enthusiasts from the Lake County area with all the proceeds going towards furthering the arts in the greater leesburg area

In 2017 we started out in the 2nd floor of the opera house in downtown Leesburg. With a shoe string budget and ALOT of dedicated hard work, we put together Leesburgs first Haunted attraction in years.

The next year found our group without a loaction until Johnathan Olson approached Alex Scopino with the idea of holding the Haunt inside The Melon Patch Thetare in Leesburg and that's how we became STAGE FRIGHT.

Our "maze" is built on the actual stage of the melon patch theatre and goes all throughout the building!

We pull scare actors from the most talented actor pool in the mid florida area! Some you may have seen in the Theme Parks!

Our props, sets, lighting, costumes and effects are from some of the same companies that the "pros" use and we change our theme each year!

Interested in joining us? 

Contact Alex Scopino at 914 720 1630 or email at

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